ASO (App Store Optimization) Strategies for 2018



Online whenever you are dealing with anything the most important thing that you need to consider is its optimization. In case of apps, you have to get them optimized with the App Stores. App stores are the resource directory where all the applications are rested and observed. You have to make sure that app the leading App store know your application and can locate it easily.

What is ASO?

Before getting into the complications of strategies and tools it is important for you to understand what is ASO. App Store Optimization is all about getting you new app promoted and visible on the App store by letting the other users know about it. You have to connect your application by using multiple strategies to the App Store so you will get maximum search results and access a number of users online.

The current market scenario in 2018

The app market is growing rapidly with every year resolution. Every brand and company is offering its application to the users in order to improve services. Infect you can observe a number of business that is running online through applications. No matter if its hotels, restaurants, taxi, shopping, groceries, beauty and health care every industry is incorporating the mobile application technology. And every company is trying to reach the consumers timely by ASO. From the last year’s data, we can have the idea that in March 2017 Play Store was registered with 2.8million apps while Apple Store was carrying 2.2 million apps for its users. It is a huge number of applications available for the people and in the year 2018, the numbers are growing rapidly.

Strategies for effective App Store Optimization

Title & subtitle

Select the title and subtitles effectively in order to make sure that you will have unique and catchy name f the app. This will let you maintain an app identity on the app store and get the best optimization as well. If the title is mixed or confused with other app’s title then you might be working for some other company when optimizing your app.

App Icon

Your app icon is your face and you have to make sure that app icon is unique and meaningful. It should attract the people and much not have identical on the app store so it will be signified.

App Description

Describe your app on app store effectively by using the right keywords that will be grabbed by the logs of the app store. This will help you to be in the right search results and on the top list as well.

App Screenshots

Along with the description incorporate the app screenshots as this will let the user have a little tour of app graphics and looks. This is fair enough to attract the users for a download and installation. If you are successful to get the user install your app for one it will get him to retain his login again there.

Reviews and ratings

Review and ratings are the feedback you will have from the other users on the app store. Make sure to be in good ratings so you will have the best ranking as well. So, always make your user experience good and ask them to rate you the best.

Preview video

It is always good to offer the user something more than just random information. When you have a preview video of the users they have a virtual appearance of the application and will be more confident to download it.

App Keyword Research

On app store your application is connected with the help of keywords, it is just leaking the search engine optimization. Make sure to incorporate the right keywords on the app store so you will get the right results. Users are going to search for the keywords not for the application directly most of the times. So, associate the right keywords to get the right rankings.

The volume of downloads

App tore identify the number of downloads of your application to rank it for the upcoming searches. It does have the count mentions on its display card that lets the user know how many people globally are using the app. This leads to an automate install frequency by the user. You need to make sure that you will have a good volume of downloads on the app store.

The retention rate

Maintaining a good retention rate is important for your application’s optimization on App store. Make sure to incorporate push notifications and incentives to the users to increase their retention to your app. This will help you to get better optimization on the app store.


Uninstalls do play an important role and given importance by App Stores. According to kantar research, global average uninstall rate was 89% in over 12 months. You have to make sure that your app uninstall ratio is in good health and do not cross 40% in a day, 70% in a month.